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Firefly Laser Projector Spike Light for Garden Decorative Lighting

>>  Model NO.:  ILED-LP001

Recreating that summer night of my childhood, under the blue night sky, swarms of fireflies flashed with The yellow light flitted in the grass, between the trees and by the stream. Up and down, left and right, hidden, like a small lantern, more like a river of flowing stars. The light of the firefly takes you back to the good old days of childhood. The firefly laser projector can be used for outdoor garden, woods, lawn, water, houses, Christmas decoration, holiday lights, parks, courtyards, gardens, street scenes, theme parks, hotels, weddings, etc.

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Shell Material

Plastic Models

Laser Coverage Area

50 x 50 Feet or More

Type Description

Dynamic Firefly


Greater Than 1000 Dynamic Light Points

Laser Power



Remote Control, Self-propelled, Color Change, Strobe, Timing

Laser Classification

Class 2

IP Class


Large Laser Power

Single Point Power <1mw




Widely use for Outdoor gardens, woods, lawns, water, houses, Christmas decorations, holiday lights, etc.

Want to more information, send your inquiry to here sales@iled-lights.com.

. Why does iLed design and produce this firefly laser projector?

iLed as a professional spike light factory, our desinger had an idea to design a spike light which can project beautiful lighting for our private garden. He remembered his childhood with his grandmother in the countryside, hot summer nights, no fans, no air conditioning, but everywhere outside is a flash of fireflies, they are flying freely, every night with a bottle to catch a few fireflies, it brings joy, innocence, and warm companionship. But nowadays, environmental pollution makes it hard to find fireflies at night. So he chose to project lovely flashing fireflies from iLed new product - LED Spike Lamp, which can bring unlimited joy to children, both in winter and summer nights. Also in memory of his grandmother who went to heaven. We hope this firefly laser floor light from iLed will bring more happiness to our users and brighten up your holiday atmosphere.

. Is this Firefly Laser Projector using much energy?

No, iLed improved the lighting design high quality lens, and use energy saving laser as source, so that one Firefly Laser Projector can replace 4-10 garden lightsing, or replace dozens of meters or even hundreds of meters of LED string lights.

. How to install this Firefly Spike Light in my Garden?

It is very easy installtion, just directly plug the socket into the lawn, connect the power can be. The whole installation process takes less than 2 minutes.

. How much area does this Firefly Spike Lighting can cover my garden?

iLed uses high quality lens, so that this Firefly Laser Projector can cover large area, which can project 40x40 feet area, can cover 2-3 large trees at the same time. 3D Lighting can shoot to the general light can not irradiate the area.

. Compare LED Spike Light, is Laser Projector Light better?

Yes, Laser color than LED light sources such as bright, purity and color saturation to bright, in the night under the fog, the laser can scatter millions of fascinating beam, so that people have the feeling of stepping into a wonderland.

. Is your Laser Projector Light safe?

a. For electrical, iLed uses high quality adapter for this laser project, and the light body and connection have waterproof protection. So that it is not only safe, but also is longer life.

b. For the laser lighting, the product color use grating separation technology to separate the laser into thousands of points. Single point power less than 1MW, will not produce any harm to the human eye or body.

. I want to use them for my Christimas day, it is very cold here with big snow, can it work at low temperature.

Yes, it can be low temperature resistance, iLed uses high quality lamp body, so even -35 degrees celsius, our laser projectors can work as usual will not appear point not light or sluggish condition.

. Have I to go outside to my garden to turn off it, it is very cold in winter dark night?

No, nobody wants to go outside in the winter dark night. So we have a RF remote controller with the light, you can turn off the laser projector at home.The distance is 15-20 meters.

. Can this light be timer?

Yes, you can change the time with RF remote controller.

. Does it have other working models?

Yes, you can use RF remote controller to set it as self-propelled, strobe, color change.

. Can your product use in my country?

Sure, we provide different range voltage adapter with different plug. It has 120VAC input adapter with US Plug for US, Canada and Japanese markets. Also have 220-240VAC with European Plug for the market which uses European Plug, 220-240VAC with UK Plug for the market which uses UK plug market, and 220-240VAC with AU Plug for the market which uses AU plug.

Want to more information, send your inquiry to here sales@iled-lights.com.

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