What reasons are the dead lights of the LED lamps?

LED packaging companies, and LED lighting manufacturer will encounter LED lamp phenomenon died ,as LED engineers how to analyze and solve these problems?

lights die mainly due to the following two points:

1) LED leakage current is too large PN junction failure, the LED lit the lamp is not lit, this situation will not affect the work of other LED lights.

2) LED lights internal connection lead is disconnected, resulting in LED current through produce dead lights, this will affect the normal work of the other LED lights.

How to prevent the LED die light?

Static LED lights are a danger to the great devil, the world countless electrostatic damage to electronic components, resulting in tens of millions of dollars in economic losses. So to prevent electrostatic damage to electronic components, is a very important task of the electronics industry, LED packaging, application of the enterprise do not take it lightly. Any link problems, will result in damage to the LED, the LED performance deterioration and even failure. We know that the human (ESD) Electrostatic three kilovolt enough to the LED chip to breakdown damage in the LED packaging production line, the grounding resistance of various types of equipment to meet the requirements, it is also important, general requirements for the grounding resistance of 4 Ohm, some of the occasions the grounding resistance even to achieve ≤ 2 ohms.

Human body electrostatic damage to the LED is a lot of work should wear anti-static clothing, equipped with electrostatic rings and electrostatic ring should be grounded, there is a need to ground the static ring of anti-static effect is not good, it is recommended not to use the strap the product, if the staff violation of rules, you should receive the appropriate warning education, but also played the role of the notices of others. Body with static electricity, wear different fabrics and clothes, and the people's physique, autumn and winter night, we undress it is easy to see the clothes between the discharge phenomenon, and this electrostatic discharge voltage, there kV.

Some companies hand soldering, use the 40 watt ordinary iron, can not control the soldering temperature, soldering iron temperature above 300-400 ℃, high welding temperatures can also cause the dead lights, LED lead at a high temperature coefficient of expansion than about 150 ℃ expansion coefficient is several times higher inside the gold solder joints because of the large thermal expansion and contraction of the welding point opened, resulting in the phenomenon of dead lights.

The above phenomenon, the manufacturers of LED packaging manufacturers and LED lighting applications should develop strict LED standards manual, to prevent the occurrence of on-line in the production process.

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