LED light source is used in Greenhouse fill light commonly and the features

At present, the greenhouse artificial fill light source have fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium, low pressure sodium, metal halide lamps. In recent years, with the successful development of high power LED, the new energy-saving LED light source also caused widespread concern.

Ordinary fluorescent lamps  provide more green about 50%, and the rest is mostly red, blue, and each accounted for about 25% of the total spectrum, far red spectra is  a very low percentage. Fluorescent high luminous efficiency, long life (approximately 12000h), but less power (the most commonly used 28W and 36W), meet the requirements for certain light fixtures and more. Likely to cause crop contains a lot of green, leggy. Commonly used in plant tissue culture.

The sodium lamp is the glowing gas of mercury and sodium vapor light source, divided into low-pressure sodium lamps and two high pressure sodium. Low pressure sodium lamp earlier, the sodium vapor pressure of no more than a few Pa, its luminescence spectrum is concentrated in the yellow light of 589nm, usually only used in conjunction with other light sources. The luminous efficiency of up to 200lm / W, long life (approximately 9000h). High pressure sodium lamp standard working sodium vapor pressure of about 10kPa, more red-orange light and less blue-green luminescence spectra. High luminous efficiency, power, long life (approximately 12000h) in the fill light in the greenhouse to use more. However, due to high pressure sodium lamp is a heat source, the high surface temperature, heat can not be brachytherapy crops.

Metal halide lamps are mercury and rare metal halide vapor mixture of the arc in order to discharge the glowing gas of a light source. By changing the metal halide presents a different spectrum of high luminous efficiency, power, long life (5000h to 20000h). Mercury inside the lamp filler, the use of lamp breakage or failure to discard, will pollute the environment. The spectrum contains more far-red light, heat, and can not brachytherapy crops.

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