Can LED cob source be applied in LED fluorescent tubes?

Can LED cob source be applied in LED fluorescent tubes? We can tell you commen LED fluorescent tubes will be replaced by LED cob tube fixtures, Because LED cob source has too many advantages as below, moreover, some tests have proved LED cob tube fixtures are more convenient.


Traditional LED fluorescent tubes generally use the small and medium power  TOP light patch package, which has low luminous efficiency, and higher packaging costs and application costs, manufacturing process complicated. In order to break the traditional packaging and assembly way, Neo-Neon launched   the cob-AK14 package structure used in the T-type (T5 or T8) fluorescent tubes, the COB light source luminous efficiency up to 160lm / W, the whole lighting efficiency 135Lm / W. The advantages are low the  package cost and low   application cost, low thermal resistance, and good reliability; easy standard assembly and applications.
Light effects: the use of aluminum plate directly cup formation of all-metal structure of the Independence Bowl Cup, and the use of vacuum coating technology to improve the reflective rate, thereby improving the efficiency of the LED light at the same time greatly enhance the Lm / RMB cost.
1. Packaging costs and application costs: new COB structure, saving the bracket, PCB, solder paste, such as the cost of materials, reflow soldering machine costs, the SMT and welding processes, the overall cost of the entire light will be reduced by about 40%.
2. Low thermal resistance, reliability and more direct: new COB cooling channels directly from chip → solid crystal plastic> aluminum plate, and traditional SMD light source used in fluorescent tubes, thermal resistance, higher heat dissipation paths from chip → solid crystal plastic → stent→ pIN foot → paste → aluminum plate; and the tightness of the COB packaging structure.
3. Ease of assembly and applications: COB-AK47 each connection terminals for mechanical and electrical connection between, direct card is inserted in the lamp heat sink .
LED fluorescent tube has become a trend of the 21st century interior lighting, has become the mainstream of the field of lighting, we believe COB LED tube fixtures will become the most popular LED light fixtures in future.

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